IMG_1372Nonfiction fellow at The Writers’ Room, 2016-17; Virginia Center for Creative Arts residency, March, 2017; Memoir Incubator at GrubStreet, 2015-16.

Memoir-in-Progress: Stuffed. Writing lots of words on my twenty-year life & death battle with binge eating disorder, and the weight-loss surgery that nearly killed me.

I’m a former newspaper reporter, PR guy, tech marketer, taxi driver, consultant and entrepreneur who once ran two tiny little shipping companies. Ran ’em right off a cliff. These days I’m writing for my life – in a body that’s lighter by 121 pounds.

Some of my work:

The Insanity Of Eating, The Rumpus, Aug. 22, 2016

Murder Darkens Our Home Field, So We Set Out The Chairs, ReformJudaism, March 19, 2015

BigFatMike, the blog where I wrote about my struggles with binge eating disorder and my weight loss surgery.

Here’s a good laugh from years ago:

Naturists Run From Cover, Boca Raton News, July 15, 1990

Northeastern University, MBA
Brandeis University, BA

Contact: mike @ michaelsinert dot com