I am a writer. I was once a daily newspaper reporter. During the 1990s dot-com boom I worked in technology public relations and marketing, and also ran my own small consulting shop. Recently, I was co-chair at the Writers’ Room of Boston, where I still work a few days every week. Recently, I helped start and sometimes co-host Tell-All, Boston’s newest literary reading series celebrating creative nonfiction.

My current project, STUFFED: The Things Men Eat, is one man’s story of 20 years of life and almost death with binge eating disorder. A literary memoir exploring life as both a large man struggling with food addiction, and as a sickly thin man ‘eating’ from a feeding tube after weight loss surgery nearly killed me, STUFFED probes intersections of masculinity, love, addiction, and abuse. It is a journey through burger joints, diet workshops and therapy chairs, told from a male perspective in a world where we’re conditioned to believe that eating disorders are a uniquely female and exclusively thin phenomenon. This, despite the fact that BED is the most common eating disorder, and the only eating disorder affecting men and women almost equally. Too often, men do not have the language, the emotional support, or the courage to speak of their struggle.


Things I’ve written:

Writers Anonymous, Hippocampus Magazine, March 9, 2020

A Butterfly Story, Pangyrus Six, spring 2019

The Insanity Of Eating, The Rumpus, Aug. 22, 2016

Murder Darkens Our Home Field, So We Set Out the Chairs, ReformJudaism.org, 3/19/2015

Naturists Run From Cover, Boca Raton News, 7/15/1990 (Yeah, a long time ago; it’s funny!)

Also, here’s BigFatMike, an old blog about my struggles with binge eating disorder and the weight loss surgery that nearly killed me.


Places I’ve been:

Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, general contributor, 2017

Virginia Center for Creative Arts, writer-in-residence, 2017

The Writers’ Room, fellow in nonfiction, 2016-17

GrubStreet, memoir incubator, 2015-16

GrubStreet, master memoir, 2015

Northeastern University, MBA

Brandeis University, BA

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